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Aug 19, 2013 5:00pm EDT
to go to the police and tell them everything that you saw. >> boy, don't you listen to dana. you better try to be like lil' kim -- don't snitch. >> you need to go to the police. >> don't worry. i ain't saying nothing. >> good. because they'll flip the script on a brother. next thing you know, they'll say that you beat hakeem. >> you didn't beat hakeem, did you? >> delante, please. >> all right. the police got ways of tracking you down. >> how, kiki? i don't have a record, and nobody notices me from the video. they can't find me. >> calvin payne? can i talk to you for a second? >> who are you? >> detective morton, atlanta police department. >> look like you been tracked. [ siren wails ] [ tires screeching ] [ male announcer ] you like to try new things. now we have bold new tastes like never before. you like things made by hand. we're now grilling up freshly made egg-whites. you like to cool down. we just added a refreshing new smoothie. you get wrapped up in things. we're introducing new delicious ways for you to eat. there's no one quite like you. now more than ever, there's something
Aug 20, 2013 5:00pm EDT
they can look as smooth as you. >> dana, don't try to run that game on me. i just came to get my hair cut for my graduation. yeah, that's right. calvin payne is graduating. ha ha! >> hit me again. >> yo, i'm serious. i'm really graduating. >> calvin, i thought you had to go to class to graduate. [ chuckles ] >> no, for real. i got my degree in economics. >> if you got your degree in economics, i'm a skinny white woman named gail. >> all right, calvin, if it's true, i'm happy for you. you know your girl kiki got a degree in psychology. >> oh, really? >> yeah. >> well, what you doing working here, then? >> [ scoffs ] kiki is making dough. if you use your geisha degree, you might, too. delante, hook me up. >> so, calvin, now that you "graduating," what you gonna do? >> get a job. >> what, you gonna get your master's? >> you should travel. >> no, i think i'm-a just sleep in. >> there's my boy! ha! the smart boy! come here! come here, boy! >> hey, i'm just putting my degree to good use. >> okay, curtis. >> [ smooches ] >> babe. what did your boy finally end up majoring in? >> oh, baby, you kno
Aug 23, 2013 5:00pm EDT
"training day"? there's a connection. >> yeah, dana might be right. >> hmm. >> i think i'm just going to call the police and just report the money. >> well, go ahead and use my phone over there. make sure you leave a quarter. >> oh, computer fee, $5. couch fee, $8. >> yes, yes, bob. >> phone fee, $10. >> oh, bob, you are hilarious. yeah, yeah, bob. oh, yeah, throw in the leather interior. through the nav in, why don't you? yeah. oh, yeah -- wow. they make those for trucks now? >> malik, what are you doing? >> hold on one second, bob. i'm being interrupted by my maid. i'm ordering my hummer. >> oh. >> yes, bob, i'm back. >> hey. >> door fee, $15. >> what? >> hey, dad, how do you spell "tiara"? i'm making a list of stuff that we can buy since we are rich. >> honey, we -- we're not rich, and a house is the most important thing right now. >> getting the hell out of my house -- priceless. >> c.j., listen. if we don't use the money for the kids' college fund, i would really like a designer wardrobe. >> what? no wardrobes. what are you talking about? the most practical thing is a house, espe
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3